Voice of the sector


Strengthening the voice of the third sector

We workĀ closely with people and communities to ensure everyone's voice, especially those who are often excluded, is heard and valued.

Borders Community Action is the interface between the third sector and statutory partners. The purpose of a Third Sector Representative is to advocate for Third Sector Organisations at the Community Planning Partnership and other key strategic meetings such as Integration Joint Board, Regional Economic Partnership, the Local Employability Partnership and any relevant others. It is the responsibility of the representative to use their knowledge and understanding as service providers to connect with the wider network and bring that understanding to where decisions are made.

In order to ensure the voice of the sector is truly represented, Borders Community Action works actively to capture knowledge through our networks, forums, surveys and events. It is very important for us for our third sector to have a strong voice and that our interests are represented, this can only be done effectively through evidence.

If you have any queries regarding the meetings that take place, please complete this form.

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