Green Summit – Our call to action

Our friends at SBCAN would like to say a huge thank you to all those who came along to their Green Summit Event on 14th March at Tweed Horizons. It really was a super day with over 120 people in attendance.

The aim of the Green Summit was to:

  • Increase the knowledge of Green projects/ Climate Action in the Scottish Borders area
  • Discover opportunities to work together
  • Improve feelings of motivation and inspiration around climate action in the Scottish Borders.

The feedback has shown that the vast majority of attendees felt the Green Summit did just that which is really positive. It was brilliant to have so many people in one place, all so passionate about community climate action.

There was a real buzz in the networking rooms with over 30 stall holders present giving a great opportunity to gain valuable insight from each other. We had super talks from Change Mental Health, Borders Good Food Partnership, Zero Waste Scotland, Cafe Recharge and Borders Forest Trust. As well as our talks we had informative workshops from Chris Booth at Work that Reconnects and Jane Miller Qi Gong.

Borders Community Action Chief Executive Officer, Juliana Amaral, closed the event with a call to action, urging attendees and all those in positions of power to work together to heal people, connect places and protect the planet.

You can read a transcription of her message here.

Juliana closed the event by asking all attending to get involved with the Scottish Borders Climate Action Network by signing up for the newsletter, attending the events and getting involved with the next stage of developments as part of the climate action network. To find out more and get involved in the next stage of development for the Climate Action Network, please contact

SBCAN will keep you posted on any upcoming events via theirĀ Facebook page – Scottish Borders Climate Action Network.