SOSE update: first ever engagement tour of South of Scotland

A message from Professor Russel Griggs OBE –  South of Scotland Enterprise Chair

As Chair of South of Scotland Enterprise, I am delighted to launch our first ever engagement tour this winter.

‘Your South of Scotland’ is open to everyone in the region to meet myself and our Chief Executive Jane Morrison-Ross at one of 24 dates between November 2021 and March 2022.

The sessions, which begin in Dumfries on Monday 8 November, will allow businesses, social enterprises, community groups and the general public to give their views on what they think the priorities should be for our local economy.

This feedback will also help SOSE shape its first ever three year Action Plan – a vital strategy which will set out SOSE’s priorities and ambitions for the region.

‘Your South of Scotland’ will also allow us to report back on how previous engagement has helped shape SOSE’s initial focus and highlight some of the work and the difference its support has made to the South.

Importantly, all venues used during ‘Your South of Scotland’ engagement tour will be COVID-safe, with booking required in advance via

For those unable to attend, there will be two virtual online sessions held, with one of the physical events expected to also be streamed over SOSE’s social media channels.

The full list of dates is listed below.

Jane and I would love to hear views and get feedback on our work so far from the people who live, work and care about the South of Scotland, and what should be our priorities going forward.

Our message to the South of Scotland – as it has been since day one of SOSE – is please come and talk to us, and would hugely appreciate if you can help share information about the tour with your contacts.

A news release on the engagement sessions is available here and will be shared on our social media channels later today.

Engagement tour dates

6.45pm to 8pm for all events- booking required (see above link)

Phase one


Phase two