Public Announcement – Online Borders

Public Announcement

Online Borders.


It is with the greatest of regret that I am writing to inform you that Online Borders is no longer available.

Online Borders was hosted by SHOW (Scottish Health on the Web) and unfortunately is no longer compatible with the NHS website and has now become a security risk. I know that when you click on the website it automatically asks you for a username and password. We don’t have this information either. It is a technical issue and we are trying to resolve it with NHS IT Department.

I know there are a number of community groups and voluntary organisations that still have websites on Online Borders and The Bridge is endeavouring to secure the content for each site to enable individual organisations/community groups create an independent website and if successful we will be in touch with the details.

I am so sorry but this is the only course of action that we can take for Online Borders


Morag Walker

Executive Officer

The Bridge